Antiques are A Great Investment

Buying antiques also supports our local Canadian economy

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 Antiques are A Great Investment

By definition, an investment is the commitment of money or capital to purchase financial instruments or other assets in order to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, income or appreciation of the value of the instrument. We believe there are two complementary motivators when it comes to buying antiques: investing in your personal belongings and investing to make a profit.

A common misperception is that antiques are too expensive for most people, but that's not the case in today's market. Nothing compares to antiques when purchasing items to furnish or accessorise your home. Often less expensive than their cantiques investmentontemporary counterparts, antiques are usually of far better quality and are made to last more than a lifetime. Best of all, after you have used them they will still have solid market value, which is almost never the case with new items. Any good investment should minimise loss due to depreciation and antiques go one step further by potentially increasing in value. This could mean thousands of dollars at resale, making antiques a great investment.

Take caution, however, if you are buying antiques solely for a return on your investment. Antiques are not liquid assets and should be considered mid- to long-term investments. In the long run, antiques should increase in value at or around the inflation rate. Apply your knowledge of antiques to ensure a greater return on your investment. Look for deals to minimise your initial costs and increase returns. economy antiques

Unlike other investments, shopping for and enjoying antiques brings pleasure and appreciation for beauty. Best of all, when purchasing an antique, you also support our local Canadian economy.

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Antiques Great Investment

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